Importance of Tax Levy Attorney

A tax levy is a civil action that involves an assessment, by the Internal Revenue Service or the Department of the Treasury, of a person’s income or assets to compensate the taxpayer for past due taxes. In laymen’s terms, a levy is a levy on the property of someone to compensate him for past due taxes. In the United States, as in most developed countries, taxes are collected through local taxation. In some states, however, taxes are collected by the state. The Internal Revenue Service or the Department of the Treasury may be involved in collecting federal tax revenues. In such cases, a tax levy attorney is highly sought after.


Tax levy attorneys can be found in a number of states, but the ones most commonly known are in the state of Maryland and the state of New Jersey. In these states, a tax levy attorney is found in the courts of each of the states where he practices law. It is a specialized field of law that involves a great deal of research, case studies and analysis of various legal issues that will be used in the argument and defense of one’s case. In other words, a tax levy attorney must be a very knowledgeable lawyer who has dealt with all kinds of taxation, both state and federal, as well as all types of criminal law.


A tax lawyer is adept at representing people in tax court. He will generally begin by gathering information that the client needs to present in his defense. These include proof of income, bills and bank statements, but will also interview witnesses, conduct research and prepare background reports and arguments in support of his client’s position. A tax levy attorney will also have a working relationship with a collection agency that is owed money, in order to obtain the best possible outcome for the client. Grand Junction Tax levy attorneys have a high level of knowledge in banking, laws that govern IRS actions and the workings of the tax system itself.


It is a serious crime to tax evade. Anyone guilty of this felony can receive up to ten years in prison. Thus, it is vital that any tax levied is paid. Hiring a tax levied attorney is the best way to ensure that the money is collected and that the suspect receives justice. In fact, a tax lawyer is considered to be an asset to any government because his services can increase a debtor’s chances of recovery.


There are two types of taxation: income tax and sales tax. The former is often regarded as “sin taxes” while the latter is considered a necessity for the payment of public services such as roads, education and healthcare. When someone fails to pay his/her income tax, he/she may face additional interest and penalties. Meanwhile, if a person fails to pay his/her sales tax, he/she may be subjected to fines and penalties on goods sold. Thus, hiring a tax levy attorney is a good idea, so that the money due to the government is properly and adequately paid.


Tax evasion is not only a legal problem; it can also affect a person’s social standing. A criminal record will remain on his/her permanent record for up to 7 years. It is not easy to rebuild lost trust after such a crime. That is why it is always wise to hire a tax lawyer who specializes in tax evasion defense. With such a lawyer, a taxpayer can be confident that the punishment he/she will receive will not be too harsh. Instead of spending years in jail, a tax evasion convict will spend only a few months in prison because his crime was detected early enough and the tax laws were implemented to prevent him from structuring his affairs in ways that would avoid detection.